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Pastoral Counseling

We all need safe and encouraging people who show up, and who stand with us during hard times. Sometimes we need support and an unbiased guide to help us navigate our mistakes, losses, disappointments, and broken relationships. It is our passion and calling to bring hope and healing to the fragmented parts of one's life and story. Whether you are a person merely exploring faith or a person deeply committed to Jesus, your mistakes and messes are not too much. There is hope.

April Heflick has an MA in Pastoral Counseling. She integrates psychology and neuroscience with Biblical wisdom in a creative, holistic approach to bring healing and hope to the broken parts of your story.

Women's Ministry

Woman wear a lot of hats. Mom. Daughter. Leader. Wife. Friend. Mentor. We need a place to take all our hats off and just be a woman. Our ladies meet monthly on the third Saturday at 9:30 am for connection and creativity. There's good food, plenty of laughs and some inspiration to keep going, even in our anxious, challenging world. To find out what's coming up, please call Jennie at 219-405-2269.

We're also planning a book study live and via Zoom (depending on COVID numbers) beginning in January 2021. Check back here for more info.

Serve Groups

Faith isn't just about learning truth or feeling God or overcoming our challenges, it's also about offering the love that God gives us to others. Every week, we bring bread to various organizations in Valpo that serve the marginalized. We jump on every opportunity we get to practically assist those in our community. We don't do this out of obligation or arrogance, but because it's a natural extension of God's goodness.

Our current projects at fundraisers for a new pump for a well in a small town in Kenya that we helped fund 10 years ago and for First Contact in Valpo, a ministry that offers financial assistance to folks who need some hurdle help to make it to next month.

Discovery Groups

No one should walk through life without fellow travelers walking with them. We do this as equals around the table with the Bible as our centerpiece. We meet for about a half hour after the regular service. Discussions will relate to the message offered that week.

C3 Students

We're in the process of revamping everything in our church to offer our students the hope and guidance we all need. On 11/22/20 we're launching C3 for Students. It will be a high energy gathering in large and small groups on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am for students and their parents. C3 for Students will feature lots of hands on activities, short lessons that will be less than 5 min and highly applicable to your family. We'll also have an adult service that's 100% virtual posted earlier each Sunday.

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Study Group

We believe that the Bible tells the story of God's intervention into the broken, but beautiful world that he created. The main character is Jesus and everything in this vast book points to his passion to reconnect with us.

We gather on Tuesday evening for deeper study into the Bible. We finished our last study on 11/10/20 and will begin our next Study Group in January.

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